The First-Edition Blackwood Grill.

A Konro grill for the 2020s.

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Design Language

The Blackwood Grill honors the simplicity of the traditional Japanese Konro while expanding upon its functionality. Welded aluminum provides lightweight strength. Fiberglass insulation provides thermal consistency. A passion for grilling over charcoal underlined every step of prototyping towards a truly high-performance, high-end piece of cookware.

The aesthetic inspiration draws on threads both past & present. Platonic geometry is at the core of the grill's visual appeal. Art Deco vibes shine through the gem-like facets of the outside shell. And, there are certainly parallels to be drawn with the world of 3D polygonal design. All of these elements create that striking moment when one first lays eyes upon the Blackwood Grill.

Serious cooks need high-performance tools to carry out their vision for dishes— with that met, they can begin to create stories and host conversations through food...

...with that in mind, the Blackwood Grill certainly is a conversation piece!

Grill Philosophy

Grilling over charcoal doesn't need to be a huge to-do. Yet, most grills don't seem to reflect that fact: they're either too large, devouring needless amounts of fuel; too heavy, meaning that they waste valuable backyard space; too cheaply made, hence dents and concern about durability. Finally, most grills leave a lot to be desired in the aesthetics department: rather than something to be admired and celebrated as a backyard centerpiece, they are cast away in the corner.

The Blackwood Grill makes none of these compromises.

Handmade. Seriously.

Your First-Edition Blackwood Grill is meticulously TIG-welded in Phoenix, Arizona. The success of this process relies upon care, time, and a steady hand. Above all, it takes dedication to producing a beautiful, durable artifact.

Passion and enthusiasm course through handmade crafts. Cooking and metalworking share many similarities (strange as though it may sound)! Just as great dishes require attention to little details— heat management, timing, balance— so too do great welds.

Of course, we can tell when food is prepared with love. The same applies to handmade goods!

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